A Powwow is a Native American Celebration.  It brings together all nations to celebrate life.  It is a ceremony that can heal the spirit and bring a good feeling to all that come.  Traditionally Powwows were social gatherings for the tribe to get together and socialize, sing, dance, and eat.  Modern day powwows are very similar, implementing all the same ideas and meanings with dancing, singing and food. Modern day powwows have evolved over the years with changing dance styles, different songs, and different foods.  The feeling and intent of the celebration is still intact, celebrating being Native American, honoring the earth, honoring our ancestors, and honoring our warriors.  There are many reasons to have a powwow, but most importantly is its byproduct of preserving native culture.  Powwows have always been for the people and we need them today more than ever.

I’ve been a part of the powwow circle all of my life.  My family has always been heavily involved in powwows from dancing to running their own powwows. My father and all of my siblings all dance different styles.  My mother sews and beads for all of us.  Having this in my life has been really positive, as it has taught me to be a better community member and taught me respect.  I have always appreciated the dancing and singing which has kept my family close. As we grow older I am so glad my family is so involved and have worked hard to be a positive force in our community, because it allows us to spend tie together and stay close.  I know as we all start leaving home, start our own families that powwows and family time will keep us close.


One of the greatest parts of the powwow is the dancing.  There are over 30 different styles of dancing.  There are some for men and women alike.  Most dance styles originated from plains tribes, but there are also different dance styles specific to other tribes.  Dancing is a combination of the guidelines of the style and a personal flair so many dancers put their own spin on the type of dancing.  The creativity in both dancing and creating your dancing regalia can tell you a lot about a person.  Most regalia is made by hand or with the help of sewing machines. Regalia differs from style to style.  As society has evolved so has material and clothing items allowing for regalia to also evolve.  Today most people use vibrant colors and patterns to make their regalia which helps the dancer stand out. I hope you can come check out a powwow soon and see this amazing event yourself, because it really is something you should experience in your life.


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